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Major Updates:

Aug 2015: Photos from diving in The Solomon Islands with MV Bilikiki.

Apr 2013: Photos from diving at Uepi Island Resort and The Wrecks of Ironbottom Sound, Solomon Islands.

Apr 2011: Photos from diving at The Bay of Islands and Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand.

Feb 2010: A small gallery of photos from a tec dive on the S.S. Birchgrove Park wreck in Sydney (removed).

Jan 2010: A page for my MkIII Stainless Steel single tank SCUBA Backplate.

Dec 2009: A page for my own design Stainless Steel SCUBA Backplate.

Oct 2009: In response to many requests, a Downloadable template for my SCUBA backplates; and a page of tips for designing your own.

Apr 2009: New pages for my home designed single tank and twinset backplates in Aluminium Alloy.

Jan 2009: Underwater photos from South West Rocks, NSW Australia added to photo galleries.

Jul 2008: Underwater photos from Papua New Guinea added to photo galleries.

Mar 2006: I've started a Photostream at Flickr as an ongoing home for my recent photos, experiments and one-offs.

Mar 2006: I've decomissioned the site guestbook, as the spammers seem to have figured out how to automate commercial entries and I have tired of cleaning it out.

Dec 2005: Remastered Travel Photo Galleries from my round the world trip in 2000. The previous images came via an old, cheap scanner, and didn't do the original slides much justice. I've also a few Before and after examples.(removed)

Sept 2005: Temporary Photo Gallery updated with a few recent photos. (removed)

Aug 2005: Three new photo galleries from Japan, of Tokyo / Mt Fuji, Ogasawara Islands, and Kyoto..

Jun 2005: Two new galleries, various recent Australia photos, (removed), and a gallery dedicated to Sydney Skyline Panoramics.

May 2005: A small selection of Photos from Feb - May 2005 added to photo galleries. (removed)

Jan 2005: Photos from Japan added to photo galleries. (removed)

Dec 2004: New photo gallery from the National Parks of South Eastern Australia.

Dec 2004: Underwater photos from boat dives on North Head, and the wreck of the Centurion, Sydney. (removed)

Nov 2004: I've done a bit of a prune of old content, so if you can't find something you were looking for, my apologies.

Nov 2004: More underwater photos from Shelly Beach, Sydney. (removed)

Oct 2004: Photo Gallery page completely redesigned. Overdue photo galleries from Borneo, Sydney, (removed), and Shelly Beach (underwater) (removed), added.

Jul 2004: Underwater photos from Sipadan, Malaysian Borneo.

Apr 2004: New photo galleries of wildlife, landscape and shark diving from South Africa. (removed)

Mar 2004: New photo galleries from Paris and Sydney. (removed)

Feb 2004: My own design single tank travel backplate.

Sept 2003: Trip report from UKRS trip to Plymouth..

July 2003: Photo gallery from trip to Andalucia (removed).

June 2003: Photo galleries from UKRS dive trips to Weymouth, Plymouth and Poole.

May 2003: Recent Gallery updated. (removed)

Apr 2003: Trip report from UKRS trip to Portland..

Jan 2003: A week diving the wrecks of the Northern Red Sea, trip report.

Oct 2002: New gallery of recent work added to photo galleries, will be updated every now and again. (removed)

Sept 2002: Dive trip report from the wreck-diving capital of Europe, Scapa Flow.

June 2002: Trip report from NEDfest on the Cayman Aggressor IV, Cayman Islands.

May 2002: Dive report from my UKRS trip to Portland.

Feb 2002: Many new photos added to Travel Diary pages from Chile, Peru, Rangiroa, New Zealand and Laos, among others.

Jan 2002: New photos published in Practical Photography Magazine added to the commercial gallery (removed).

Dec 2001: New Wallpapers added to the free wallpaper selections. 'What's new' and 'Highlights' (removed) pages added. Page of Travel Tips under construction. Travel Diaries page redesigned.

Oct 2001: Contact Details screen rebuilt.

Sept 2001: Dive report from Portland, Dorset with UK.REC.SCUBA, with links to other reports from the weekend, including my Buddy, Iwan.

Aug 2001: Eventful Dive Report from Oban, Scotland, including an alternative version of events by Vicky, my buddy on the first day.