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My design SCUBA backplate in 3mm 5052 Aluminium alloy.

Finished dimensions: Length 390mm, Width 238mm, weight 0.7kg (1.6 lbs).

Some design details:

Shoulder straps angled out slightly for greater comfort, without restricting mobility for shutdowns etc.

Three pairs of standard 11 inch / 280mm twinset (or STA) bolt holes, to allow some flexibility of positioning (using rented twins, for e.g. or to allow adjustment for different body sizes).

Cam band slots for common single tank 'sta-less' wings. There is also an option to pass the harness through the front of the top pair of slots to use a cam band through the top slots 'behind' the harness, as per my dedicated single tank backplate.

Centre channel is deep enough for bolts and wing nuts, and wide enough for fingers.

Black anodised version with twin 12l steel tanks, after 1 year of use and approx. 70 dives.

Left: Black Anodised version. Right: Halcyon Stainless Steel plate. My plate is approx. 8mm shorter and 18mm narrower (at the widest points) than the Halcyon plate.

My other backplate designs:

  • The original H-Plate (2003)
  • H-Plate Mk II (2007)
  • H-Plate Mk III (2010)
  • Stainless steel twinset backplate (2009)

    A drawing of the basic template for my backplate designs is available for download here.

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