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The H-Plate Mk III

My design single-tank SCUBA backplate in 3mm 316 Stainless Steel.

Finished dimensions: Length 390mm, Width 238mm, weight 2.24kg (5 lbs).

A full size SCUBA backplate optimised for, and dedicated to, single tank use, forming the most stable, lowest profile platform for DIR single tank diving.

The H-Plate Mk III (on right) compared to a Halcyon backplate with Highland single tank adapter (on left). The Halcyon/Highland combo is not particularly high-profile compared to some other combinations available, however the H-Plate still places the tank about one inch (24mm) closer to your back.

Here, the backplates are flat against the floor, using Oxycheq single tank wings with identical centre sections.

My other backplate designs:

  • The original H-Plate (2003)
  • H-Plate Mk II (2007)
  • Aluminium twinset backplate (2008)
  • Stainless steel twinset backplate (2009)

    A PDF of the basic template behind my backplates is available for download here.

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