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My design SCUBA backplate in 3mm 316 Stainless Steel.

Finished dimensions: Length 390mm, Width 238mm, weight 2.3kg (5 lbs).

Some design details:

  • Shoulder straps angled out slightly for greater comfort, without restricting mobility for shutdowns etc.

  • Three pairs of standard 11 inch / 280mm twinset (or STA) bolt holes, to allow some flexibility of positioning (using rented twins, for e.g. or to allow adjustment for different body sizes).

  • Cam band slots for common single tank 'sta-less' wings.

  • Centre channel deep enough for bolts and wing nuts, and wide enough for fingers.

  • Side holes for mounting acessories, e.g. argon bottle.

  • Mirror polished.

    Compared to Halcyon SS plate. The Halcyon is 8mm longer and 18mm wider, but almost exactly the same weight.

    My other backplate designs:

  • The original H-Plate (2003)
  • H-Plate Mk II (2007)
  • H-Plate Mk III (2010)
  • Aluminium twinset backplate (2009)

    A drawing of the basic template for my backplate designs is available for download here.

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